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Climbing Bison

Climbing Bison


Versions of the climbing bison toy were used for generations to not only occupy and entertain children, but also to teach them how to milk goats! While many children may not need to know how to milk a goat any longer, this is still a great way for children and adults to pass the time. Gentle, consistent tugs from opposing sides helps the bison "climb" the rope, which can hang from a nail, corner, or hook 6 feet or more above the ground.

This item is exclusive to Fort Union Trading Post, created for us by North Dakota wheelwright Tim Brosseau, of Turtle Mountain Canoe and Oxcart Builder. It is made from reclaimed wood with wood-burned accents, which is varnished for protection, a cotton rope, and wooden beads. As this item is handmade, slight variations are to be expected between like items.

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