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In courtyard of Fort Union Trading Post, large and small Red River carts in foreground, base of flagpole in midground, fort walls in background


The Fort Union Association is a Cooperating Association, a nonprofit organization, incorporated under the laws of North Dakota, authorized to function and conduct business associated with Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site under agreement with the National Park Service.

The purpose of the Association is to aid and promote the historical, cultural, scientific and educational activities of Fort Union and the National Park Service as follows:

  • Promote, encourage and foster the educational, interpretive, and related visitor service activities of Fort Union through the income generated by the sale of commercial items.

  • Provide services to Fort Union visitors through the sale or distribution of appropriate books, folders, maps, and other illustrative, interpretive and educational materials as may be approved by Fort Union and the Association Board.

  • Assist and support, through donations of appropriate equipment, materials, cash, and/or services, the interpretive and educational programs of Fort Union and the National Park Service.

  • Sponsor or cosponsor the publication of appropriate printed materials.

  • Develop, produce, sell, and/or distribute appropriate theme-related objects as approved by Fort Union.


Our vision is to promote Fort Union Trading Post as the premier trading post on the upper Missouri River in the mid 1800s, and establish Fort Union as the foremost source for information, history, and authentic reproduction items on the upper Missouri River system.


The Fort Union Association, in partnership with the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, strives to inspire visitors through educational programs and the preservation and promotion of traditional arts…so future generations may learn from the past.

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