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Native American Portraits Postcard Bundle

Native American Portraits Postcard Bundle


Four portraits of Native American leaders

Includes Black Eagle, Sitting Bull, Crow Flies High, and White Man Runs Him.


Black Eagle, Wa budi-sapa, Assiniboin Chief (b. 1834). A warrior from age 13, Black Eagle successfully led many war parties, captured enemy horses and counted coups throughout the northern prairie. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis, 1908.

Sitting Bull, Tatanka Iyotaka, Hunkpapa Sioux Leader (1834-1890). As spiritual leader and head of the Hunkpapa warrior societies, this legendary chief and vision seeker guided his people for nearly 40 years during the times when Manifest Destiny sought her fortune within the lands of the Sioux. Photograph by David F. Barry, 1884.

Crow Flies High, Beericga Maaguhdaa Neesh, Hidatsa Chief (1830-1899). He was the chief of a band of dissident Hidatsa people from 1870 until their band joined the reservation system in 1894. Photograph by O. S. Goff, 1875.

White Man Runs Him, Miastashedekaroos, Mountain Crow (1855-1925). As a member of the Big Lodge Clan and Lumpwood Society, White Man Runs Him is best remembered as one of George Armstrong Custer's Crow scouts, who guided the doomed Seventh Cavalry into the valley of the Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis, 1908.

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