Large Red River Cart model

Large Red River Cart model


Bring this beautiful decorative piece home as a reminder of your visit to Fort Union! Measuring approximately 6" wide x 10" long x 6" tall, this handmade wooden cart is a replica of the carts at Fort Union. It is made by North Dakota wheelwright and craftsman Timothy Brosseau of Turtle Mountain Canoe and Oxcart Builder.

The Red River cart is a large two-wheeled cart made entirely of non-metallic materials. Often drawn by oxen, though also by horses or mules, these carts were used throughout most of the 19th century in the fur trade and in westward expansion in Canada and the United States, in the area of the Red River and on the plains west of the Red River Colony. The cart is a simple conveyance developed by Métis for use in their settlement on the Red River in what later became Manitoba. With carts, the Metis were not restricted to river travel to hunt bison. The Red River cart was largely responsible for commercializing the buffalo hunt.


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